Thursday, 19 April 2012

Shop with a click

The internet is no longer used only for communication. It has brought revolutionary changes in technology that has helped people not only to communicate with each other but also carry out with online shopping instead of going to a local shop. Because of internet today’s shopper can buy whatever he want with a click of a mouse button. According to the survey, more consumers have turned to online shopping for making purchases. On the other hand due to the awareness for creating an Eco friendly environment, many people have turned towards online shopping, due to this there are almost ten to twenty percentage reductions in fuel consumption.
In early days when online shopping was not famous among people the storefronts were expected to offer heavy discounts or special offers along with the purchase of products. They also provided complements like free shipping or free delivery. But today the scenario is totally changed. People have started thinking the other way round as online shopping is electric business that deals with business to business and business to customers. They have started gaining trust on online purchase. With a secured online money transaction, advance technology has given a sigh of relief to the seller and buyer as a whole. People feel more secure shopping online than purchasing from the stores. You can do shopping through online stores as they provide 24x7 365 day services. You also get benefits on cash on delivery on certain specified products. Because of this advance facility now you can purchase anytime anywhere.
After the great success of online shopping in developed countries like America, developing countries like India have also slowly and gradually implemented this concept. The main advantage that encourages people to purchase online product is anyone can purchase small hairpin to real helicopter and charters, online. You just need to search the internet appropriately so that you can get the product you are looking for. The other benefit is that people don’t need to move around to buy different product at different place. Because of virtual store people can get each and every product at same place. This saves a lot of time and energy. The other advantage is that by visiting different sites they can compare the product price and discounts available on it and purchase accordingly. The online shopping portals are designed in such a way that even a person with limited knowledge can shop without any difficulty. These virtual stores are planned in such a way that they provide different type of products from trusted merchants and manufacturers at a single place for shopping. This prevents buyers from engaging into any frauds.
With attractive features, there is a good opportunity for online shopping round the world. Portals with beauty and health products are gaining high revenue compared to other products. These days to attract customer’s virtual stores owners have come up with special attractive offers for distributors and owners with special packages and gifts. In this modern era it’s you who need to decide whether to go with online purchase or to visit physically at different shops for shopping.

Nokia fights against still competition

IPhone, BlackBerry and Samsung Smartphone are leading the mobile market and Nokia is currently facing a stiff competition?
Smartphone the word itself tells everything. Let's get back to the past when the first telephone was invented. The invention of the first working phone was done by U.S inventor Mr. Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. He gave birth to fixed landline phones. Later there were many research carried out which gave another breakthrough in the form of wireless phone. But these phones were bulky and were difficult to carry along while travelling. With lots of efforts and modern technology as time passed the size and weight of the phones started reducing gradually.
Different companies like iPhone, BlackBerry and Samsung and Nokia came up with some extraordinary mobile phones that had almost all features. This was the time when people thought that mobile phone couldn’t get better than this. They developed a series of smart phones which took mobile phones to a next level. The concept of Smartphones application came into demand. These Apps provided some extra features that one would really admire it. These Apps were included calendar, clock, alarm, address book, email, notepad, games and send and receive text messages. This concept was taken further and varieties of application were created. To make the application work properly there were drastic change in phone hardware which allowed high end applications to work with the Smartphone. The first Smartphone was launched by Ericssion that actually had the features of Smartphones.
Later Nokia came up with an N - series Smartphone which were also called multimedia computers. Nokia had the edge of Symbian OS which made the company famous. But this was for a short period of time as Symbian OS had many limitations in matter of graphics and hardware support. Meanwhile a new OS called Android was released in the market. It was the first OS Smartphone OS to use Apps in the same year. This gave Nokia a tough competition. Later Android, declared as open source by Google was the main advantage of its rapid development. But this was not yet over, as another company Apple introduces its app store in the market. With this release Nokia was just thrown out of the competition as it had limited resources with limitation of Symbian technology. This app store had become world famous as it offered more than 100,000 Apps with millions of downloads.
 Other companies like BlackBerry with its unique highly secured feature known as is Rim service was introduced in the market. This totally changed the market scenario. One could predict that Nokia was no more in competition with other Smartphone players. This was the biggest setback for a Nokia company as they had lost hold on the market and was out of competition. To give tough competition and to remain in the race, Nokia shook hands with Microsoft. They decided to launch windows phones. But unfortunately this has not proven to be successful for Nokia Company, as people have totally diverted towards full featured phones like iPhone, Samsung and BlackBerry. At least for now one cannot predict appraisal of Nokia Company for a couple of years unless they come up with something more advance that attracts users. As after all we can say customers are god what they like is said to be the best.