Thursday, 18 October 2012

Published an article regarding a new feature (that should have been available for release) for the EVO 3D, which allowed users to use 3D pictures as wallpapers on their desktop. This app was developed and published by one of android Forum Member. It seems that what he did has awaken a somewhat of a sleeping beast in the EVO 3D community, as various people started requesting the dev to let them know how to allow apps to use said feature on other apps and projects.
Due to popular demand, the dev has freely posted the API libs for everyone to use. This means that people trying to add that infamous 3D  auto-stereoscopic effect to their newly created images for apps and games can simply do it by adding the code provided by the dev. The code will essentially force the device into 3D mode whenever the app needs it. Just keep in mind that you need to have root to proceed.
Speaking of permissions, as stated before, the dev has posted this code to be used by anyone who wants to use it. However, out of politeness (and really they are his terms), please provide credit in your app(s) pointing to the dev and let the dev know if you do use his code, just as a matter of courtesy.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Android Exploration

Google Android
As Android is an open source operating system, developers don’t need to pay for the authentication. One can even create an application for advertisement of any software companies. Android gadgets have brought revolutionary changes in application world. Truly saying these apps are so simple that even a layman can handle easily. You can develop a number of amazing mobile apps with the help of open source framework. To accomplish the requirements of customers, many android based applications and mobile projects are developed. One can also use the operating system for developing customized apps, mobile games and many more projects. In other words you can say that it is the latest generation operating system that runs with Java language on Linux OS. This OS provides flexible environment with Java IDEs for application development.
The platform provides OpenGL ES 1.0 specification that can have 2-D and a 3-D graphic library as per requirement. The development of Android Apps is very complex, and the success depends on the development approach that is carried out by the developers. The android app development is featured with simple usage of tools, excellent performance, large memory space, supports video, audio and image formats, browser with base as web kit integration.
Google Android has become a highly desired operating system by the developers in the mobile application arena. If you are planning to add some extra features or build some amazing applications, then you need a good android developer. Choosing a good and skilled android developer is not an easy task. There are several mobile app development companies in India, which have talented developers.
The Google Android OS is not only used in mobile phones but they are also used in the tablets. Reliable and proficient android developers have a lot of importance in India and as a result play a significant role in application development for mobile and tablets. By having a powerful android developer, you can get powerful application developed that includes astonishing features and multi functional features as per custom requirement. Google Android has the potential to streamline entire process of application development by customizing your existing device with rich functionality as per your requirement. One can improve performance of mobile phone or tablet PC with highly interactive and mind-blowing Android apps.
As per the reviews of analysts it is said that mobile applications will soon provide secure e-payments, since there are varieties of gadgets that support Smart phones swipe credit cards. Even e-commerce based services are also gearing up with the help of Google Android apps. Cloud based service integration, also known as cloud computing has helped out different companies to help effectively promote and manage their own services. An extension of the Google maps feature has been successful in providing location base features. Some of the services offered by android developers that include:-

  • ·         Web-based apps mobile development
  • ·         Customized android add-on
  • ·         Mobile utilities and game development
  • ·         Business app, location based apps
  • ·         A service that also includes QA and testing

 You should consult an expert android developer in order to get new and unique Android apps to be developed. You can also Opt Android development as a career as it has a bright future ahead.