Thursday, 24 May 2012

Galaxy S2 device hack pack..

I've been compiling information for UnBrickable mod on the various versions of the Galaxy S2 device. This generation is by-far the most decentralized "model" I've ever heard of. Some of the devices contain Exynos processors, some Qualcomm and others have OMAP.

We've conducted research on this generation of device in the following threads:
AT&T GS2 UART/bootloader hacking
Epic 4G Touch information gatheringGalaxy Nexus UnBrickable Mod development
But you're here for the Galaxy S2 Hack Pack. This Hack Pack is designed to help out those looking for information on modifying and/or repairing their expensive devices. This package contains:

Reading Material
GT-i9100 official service manual - service manual which applies to most GS2 devices
Exynos 4120 public datasheet -datasheet explaining internal workings of the chip
Origenboard documentation -Exynos based development board
OMAP 4430 datasheets -datasheet explaining internal workings of the chip
FSA9280A datasheet -USB Switch chip which responds to resistors and routes communications around the phone
-(no information on qualcomm processors is available)-
model speciffic
AT&T SGS2 uart -UART output logs
i9100 IROM -memory dumps
i9100T bootrom -memory dumps
Epic 4G Touch pictures-pictures of internals
Galaxy Nexus specs -models of chips used in Galaxy Nexus
Android Binaries
bash - the best scriptable shell ever
i2cdetect -i2c address detector
i2cdump -i2c bus dumper
i2cget -i2c information grabber
i2cset -i2c information sender
tcpdump - monitors network traffic
viewmem - allows memory dumps
smdk-tools - a set of linux development tools designed for direct communciation with the Exynos processor.

Download The Galaxy S2 Hack Pack

Please note, none of the contained information is my own original work. This has been compiled over the last month of researching this device. All information in this Hack Pack is available on the Internet from various sources.

Samsung- i9100 service manuals and other tools.
SuperCurio- Model Numbers of the chips in the device were discovered by SuperCurio from a Voodoo Report sent from a Hong Kong conference.

Making your Android’s battery last longer

Making your Android’s battery last longer is a fairly simple task, disable push notifications, manage your 3G usage, turn off GPS, the list goes on. However what you may not realize is that your battery life may be being hampered by incorrect calibration. Basically your battery stores no information, it’s juice is measure by a stats file on the device itself; if that stats file is wrong your battery life will read wrong. Your battery stats file can be incorrect for reasons such as flashing a new ROM, therefore after each ROM flash you should calibrate your battery.

Note: To properly complete battery calibration you need ‘root’ access.

The method is in two process, steps 1-4 are ‘conditioning’, this allows the battery to make sure it’s absorbing as much juice as it can. The remaining steps are ‘calibration’ steps which work by re-writing the battery stats file on the device.
The Method

    Run down your device’s battery until it turns itself off
    Turn it back on and wait for it to turn off again; this may be straight away of after a few minutes
    Remove the battery for at least 20 seconds
    Replace the battery and charge until full and then for at least another hour – while the device is off
    Delete you battery-stats.bin file using one of 3 methods (requires root): Terminal Emulator – type su then press enter, next type ‘rm /data/system/battery-stats.bin’ (without quotes). Using a Battery Calibration App (from market) – there are many choices available, they just delete your battery-stats.bin file. In market, search for battery calibration. Make sure to read review and provided info in case of device incompatibilities. Manually – if for any reason the previous two methods didn’t work you may want to try  deleting the file manually. Using a file manager with root access (such as Root Explorer) navigate to ‘data/system/battery-stats.bin’. Delete ‘battery-stats.bin’
    Your device will now creates itself a new battery-stats.bin file with a correct 100% battery reading.
    Run down the battery until it turns itself off
    Turn on the device and charge for at least 8 hours
    Unplug the device, turn off and charge for another hour
    Unplug the device, turn on and wait for 2 minutes
    Turn off and charge for another hour
    Use the device as normal!

You really only need to do this very few months or when you change ROM. Providing you don’t change any major settings the battery stats file will remain accurate.

This may not always produce results because your battery stats file may not be affected at all.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

How to make effective Title (for article)

Your title is where you convince the reader to look at your article/Blog. It needs to be snappy and attractive but there are other factors you need to pay attention to when creating a title and I will explain them to you now.
Select An Engaging Title: Title plays an important role in dragging the readers. Most of the readers only click the article whose title seems informative and catchy. If I talk about myself, I love to read only those articles whose titles give me a call.
1. Keep it short
> If your title is long, chances are the reader won't go through the whole thing. The shorter the title the more focused you seem as a writer. With that one factor of keeping it short and to the point, you have already partially gained the trust of the reader.
2. Keep your promises
> Your title should tell the reader exactly what they are going to get in your article. Don't write titles like 'How to train your dog' and then write an article about potty training your dog. State it very clearly in your title 'How to potty train your dog.' Readers will know what to expect and it is exactly what your article is about.
3. You can use 'How to...'
> Everyone wants to know how to do something, so take advantage of this. 'How to keep your garden plants looking vibrant' is an example of a 'How to' title.
4. You can use numbers
> Another thing people are interested in are numbers. The 'top 10 reasons..' or '5 tips and tricks.' They know exactly what they are getting and how much of it. This is important to the reader and you should keep that in mind when creating a title.
5. Must Use keywords
> Last but not least, you want your article to be found when the reader searches for it. Put in the key words related to your article in the title, this will ensure that your article reaches the people that want to read it.

Opportunity for iPhone Development in India

Mobile phones launched by Apple Inc. have created major steps in iPhone development. Its versatile features have made it the best Smartphone in App UI Design and gaming. Its look has appealed a larger group of people, not only its App UI Design but also in the latest technology which has been eye catching for mobile lovers. There are different versions of iPhone available in the market.
iPhone app development, iPhone game development, iPad development has become famous since the enhancement of iPhone and iPad in market. They have got multiple features and facilities, like video recording, powerful camera clarity, multimedia player for watching videos and movies, internet surfing, video conferencing, gaming etc. iPhone App UI Design is created for perfect user appealing result by the iPhone development.
iPhone app development has already developed numerous applications to make its usability more flexible. It is also seen that the third party developers, has come up with multiple applications support for iPhone, iPad. Hire iPhone game programmer has been in great demand since the Apple Inc came into existence.
Apple Inc. has given the software development kit (SDK) for free. This helps the developers to develop multiple applications and make further enhancement in the process of development. iPhone application development uses languages like AJAX, C++ and several other tools.
After the development of the applications, they are tested with the iPhone simulator. These applications can be commercialized with small token, paid to Apple Inc. Applications created by developers can be offered for free or for a fixed price to all the apple users. If any user buys the application, 70% of the total quoted price is credited to the developer account. Many developers of iPhone offer the application for free just for marketing their application or their company.
iPad development has also grabbed the market in the same manner. The developers of the iPhone are also working for the iPad development. Same language and tools are used for iPad apps.  The market of iPad is at a boom and thousands of applications are available in the market for iPad users.
iPhone and iPad are best for gaming as they have graphical capabilities, Higher Interactivity, Real time Scenarios, amazing 3D graphics, Powerful hardware, dynamic RAM and best touch sensitivity. The iPhone game framework is also made available in market by Apple Inc. There is a great demand for iPhone game development world over.
In today’s era any person can hire iPhone game programmer and iPhone app developer from who can work completely for the proposed project.

Kids Toys for your little angles

Kids Toys for your little angles
Kids Toys in Australia at discounted cost

For parents, kids are the biggest treasure of god. When they come in family, the whole environment at home becomes alive. As kids are the most important member of family each and every one takes at most care of them. Family members always try to keep them safe and happy in all possible ways. As and when kids start recognizing things they are provided with the various kinds of toys.

Kids toys in Australia are famous for its safety, as these toys are manufactured keeping in mind about the environment and the health issues that may affect children while playing with it. The toys that are manufactured are created from high quality materials so that Child health is not affected. Kids toys in Australia have also brought awareness among other countries kids toys whole sellers so that they provide environment friendly and safe toys for all age group children. 

There are different types of toys available in market like animals, dolls, soldiers, buses, cars, trains, airplanes etc giving each and every one chance to choose as per their choice. To get toys in bulk quantity you can contact kids toys whole sellers by visiting their website or even visit nearby shops. If you are planning to purchase toys in bulk quantities for children, kids toys whole sellers in Australia provide good discount on the items ordered.

To get further details about different types of toys, you can visit various sites or read blogs and articles. By this you will come to know about the latest toys available in market. It is you who needs to decide what types of toys are appropriate for your little angles.