Monday, 16 July 2012


Hotels play a significant role for travelers. For tourist In Ahmadabad, five star hotels remain on the top priority for the tourists. All these hotels have all the required amenities and lot more additional services. Among other hotels Grand Cambay which is one of the best five stars rated hotel in India that provides a complete package for your luxury vacation. Staying in such hotels is a good choice if you want to be pampered with all luxury items that will make your vacation a memorable one.

Grand Cambay has more than 100 special rooms that have been designed by the best architectures to provide a complete package for the guests. Hotel Grand rooms come with telephone connections, with satellite television sets, coffee makers, and fast broadband internet connection. Room service is also provided along with pick up and drop services from the airport. The hotel provides a separate business center and conference room where you can conduct official business meetings. Conference rooms are well furnished with projectors and other accessories. You can obtain doctor and laundry services as it’s just a call away. With the help of our Neesa holiday team we will provide you the best holiday planner to make your vacation a memorable one. We also provide transportation services for visiting nearby places. For our guests we provide facilities like library which as huge book collections,  game room for game lover, health spa to relax your body, yoga room, gym and billiards center.

All these facilities and services provided by hotel Grand Cambay, justifies truly that it is a perfect five star hotel to spend your vacation with family members. You can visit our website  for further inquiry.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


ASP language has flourished since a decade. Big companies like Neesa Technologies use this programming language since year 2000 and is still continuing with it. This company also accepts projects from other programming language like Java, PHP and Android. To know more about this company you can visit 
ASP.NET is said to be the next version after ASP (Active Server Pages). But this version does not contain any up gradation. ASP.NET is a division of .NET framework. For ASP scripting ASP.NET is a fresh tool for creating server driven web pages. To work with ASP.NET you require installing IIS Server which is totally based on Microsoft. ASP.NET 3.5 and ASP.NET 2.0 provides major hosting for creating web base applications. Developers that work in C++, Java or Visual Basic can use existing components to carry out work with .NET web forms and web pages. To take full advantage of this technology it is recommended to use the latest version that is ASP.Net 3.5.  There are a few advantages that make ASP.NET superior among languages. 
1)      With ASP.NET amount of writing code is reduced drastically compared to other languages.
2)      Applications are safe and secured with built in windows authentication.
3)      The other advantage is that it provides just-in-time compilation, early binding, native optimization, and caching services
4)      The ASP.NET provides rich Textbox that can be designed in visual studio with easy controls.
5)      Along with source code and HTML it provides a lot of flexibility to the web pages.

6)      With ASP.NET all the processes are closely monitored and managed, so that it handles requests easily.   
7)      As it is server side technology, code execution is done before it is sent to the web browser.

All the above points give a clear indication that ASP.NET is much simpler than any other programming language.

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